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IDP3 Online Documentation Documenation on use of IDP3 software.
DAT Online Documentation Documenation on use of the Arizona MIPS analysis software.
Multiband Imaging Photometer for SIRTF, G. B. Heim, M. L. Henderson, K. MacFeely, T. J. McMahon, D. Michika, R. J. Pearson, G. H. Rieke, J. P. Schwenker, D. W. Strecker, C. Thompson, R. M. Warden, D. A. Wilson, and E. T. Young, in SPIE
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Cryogenic Scan Mirror Mechanism for SIRTF/MIPS, Robert M. Warden and Gerald B. Heim, in ? ,
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Progress on Readout Electronics for far-infrared arrays, Erick T. Young, in Infrared Readout Electronics II, ed. E. Fossum, Proc. SPIE, 2226 (1994)
Construction of the large-format far-infrared array for SIRTF, E.T. Young, M. Scutero, G.H. Rieke, and J. Davis, in Infrared Detectors and Instrumentation for Astronomy, ed. A.M. Fowler, SPIE 2475, 441(1995)
Scientific Potential of the Multiband Imaging Photometer for SIRTF (MIPS), G.H. Rieke, E.T. Young, G. Rivlis, and T.N. Gautier, Bull. American Astron. Soc., 189, #03.09 (1996)
Detection Limits in the Far Infrared, G.H. Rieke, E.T. Young, and T.N. Gautier, Space Science Reviews, 74, pages 17-25 (1996)
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Evaluation of Si:As and Si:Sb Blocked-Impurity-Band Detectors for SIRTF and WIRE, J.E. Van Cleve et al., Proc. SPIE, 2553, pages 513 (1995)