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In Arizona

At Work At Play
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Almudena Alonso-Herrero Science team - galaxies, AGNs, and mariachi music
Zoltan Balog Young Star Clusters
Jeff Beeman Detectors and Stimulators (In Arizona? Jeff is actually at LBNL, California)
Myra Blaylock Documentation, Lover of Bud Lite.
Jim Cadien Detector Testing. Troublemaker. Senior Advisor to PI.
Jim Davis Focal Plane Construction (a.k.a., he-who-actually-builds-the-arrays)
Hervé Dole Science team - cosmological surveys (& germanium detector behavior)

Eiichi Egami Science team - lensing clusters
Chad Engelbracht Instrument Scientist - and low metallicity starbursts
Karl Gordon Data Analysis Scientist - ISM and super HII regions; DATman.

Dean Hines Scientist-At-Large -- AGN SEDs & overall GTO science support
Joannah Hinz Science team - high-z clusters, low surface brightness galaxies
Doug Kelly Instrument Test Scientist
Emeric LeFloc'h Infrared galaxies and gamma ray bursts
Karl Misselt We're not really sure what he does...
Jane Morrison Software development, data analysis. And Weird Dreams.
James Muzerolle 24 micron Array Scientist -- star forming regions, young disk systems
Lee Ann Norvelle Administrative support - keeping track of everyone else
Casey Papovich Science team, Si array - high-z galaxies
Pablo Perez-Gonzalez Science team - galaxies (how can he really be Spanish if he comes to work at 8:00 am?)
George Rieke Principal Investigator/Benevolent Dictator*

Rick Schnurr Stressed Ge:Ga Array Lead
John Stansberry Debris disks and planetary science, Deputy test scientist.

Kate Su Science team, Si detectors, debris disks. Squash Princess.
Patsy Van Buren Administrative Support
Debbie Wilson Program Manager (Where the money is...and where it will stay!)
Erick Young Deputy PI/Deputy Benevolent Dictator

* They all think they are benevolent!

The Proposal Science Team

Name Locale

Eric Arens University of California, Berkeley
Chas Beichman Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology
Steve Gaalema Black Forest Engineering

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T.Nick Gautier Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Eugene E. Haller University of California, Berkeley (and LBNL)

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Charlie Lada Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

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Frank Low University of Arizona, Infrared Laboratories

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Jeremy Mould National Optical Astronomy Observatories

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Gerry Neugebauer University of Arizona
Paul Richards University of California, Berkeley

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Marcia Rieke University of Arizona

Peter Strittmatter University of Arizona

Mike Werner Jet Propulsion Laboratory
+ George Rieke and Erick Young above

Instrument Support Team @ SSC

Lee Bennett
Dave Frayer High-Redshift Galaxies, ULIGs, Starbursts, AGN and BCDs

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David Henderson
Bill Latter Leader and official team scapegoat, Stellar Evolution, ISM, Astrochemistry

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Nanyao Lu
Frank Masci Active Galaxies, Galaxy Evolution, Cosmology
Alberto Noriega-Crespo The Ambassador to the IT, ISM, Outflows, Star Formation

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Debbie Padgett Star Formation, Proto-Planetary Systems, YSO's

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Misha Pesenson
Luisa Rebull Star Formation, Rotation of Young Stars, Evolution of Circumstellar Disks.

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Jeonghee Rho Supernova remnants, ISM, clusters of galaxies

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Susan Stolovy Galactic Center
Stefanie Wachter

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Bill Wheaton Gamma-ray astronomy & AGN

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MIPS at JPL (SIRTF Science Office)

Beth Holmes

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Jocelyn Keene
Karl Stapelfeldt

MIPS at Ball Aerospace

Name Role
Doug Bean Software Rap Name: J-Dog
Tom Glenn Operations
Jerry Heim Systems Engineering, Electronics
Scott Tennant Manager, Production Engineering
Miah Winghart Software

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