James Webb Space Telescope [picture credit: Northrop Grumann Aerospace]

Christopher N. A. Willmer

Research interests:

I am currently an Associate Astronomer at Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, and a member of the NIRCam GTO team.

List of publications



Guitarra, a simulator for JWST NIRCam presented at IAU Symposium 352, Viana do Castelo, June 2019.

MMT Observations of the JWST Time Domain Field presented at the MMT at 40 Symposium, Tucson, May 2019.


O Telescopio Espacial James Webb Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 9 September 2021 (in Portuguese)
YouTube stream

The Infrared from the Solar System to the most Distant Galaxies: The James Webb Space Telescope Southeast Missouri State University Space Week, Cape Girardeau, MO, 11 November 2021.
Power point version

The James Webb Space Telescope: From the Solar System to the Earliest Universe Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association, Tucson, AZ, 2 September 2022.
Power point version

Explorando o Passado com o JWST Semana da Fisica 2023, UNICAMP, Campinas, SP, Brazil, 1 August 2023, (in Portuguese)
Power point version

Source Code

GitHub repository for Guitarra a simulator for the JWST Near Infrared Camera.

GitHub repository for cosmological corrections in Python and Fortran.

Catalogues and Tables

Absolute Magnitudes of the Sun and Vega to AB conversions using synthetic spectra.

SSRS2 catalogue published in 1998, AJ, 116, 1

North Galactic Pole mini-slice survey . This is the full catalogue containing all objects identified in the region. The subset of galaxies for which redshifts were measured using the HYDRA multi-fibre spectrograph at Kitt Peak National Observatory was published in 1996, ApJS, 104, 199 and 1996, ApJS, 107, 823.

SSRS1 catalogue.

Eridanus Cluster catalogue (1989, AJ, 98, 1531).
The electronic version of this catalogue was kindly provided by Heinz Andernach of the Universidad de Guanajuato.

ACO 3754 catalogue (1991, AJ, 101, 57).

ACO S753 catalogue (1991, AJ, 101, 57).

Cheng's survey of low luminosity galaxies (2021, ApJ, submitted).

DEEP2 Luminosity Function tables

Non-parametric luminosity function used in the paper The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey: The Galaxy Luminosity Function to z ~ 1 2006, ApJ, 647, 853.

Non-parametric DEEP2 and tar file with COMBO-17 non-parametric LFs used in the paper Galaxy Luminosity Functions to z~1: DEEP2 vs. COMBO-17 and Implications for Red Galaxy Formation 2007, ApJ, 665, 265.

Notes on how to prepare a hectospec run (2008).

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