Everett Schlawin's Homepage

Research Overview

I study exoplanets or extra-solar planets. These are worlds that orbit other stars or are freely floating between stars.

I am a member of the James Webb Space Telescope NIRCam team, led by Marcia Rieke. The Webb telescope will enable giant leaps in our understanding of planet composition.

One of my thesis projects included helping TripleSpec team build the 4th generation TripleSpec Instrument that is now on the Blanco Telescope in Chile. This included fabricating fiberglass straps to suspend the instrument optics and detector.

The picture above was one I took on Mauna Kea when I was observing the disintegrating planet candidate KIC 12557548b. The observatory to the right is the Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) that my team and I used to observe KIC 1255, which is nearby the cross of the constellation Cygnus in the sky.